Hotels & Restaurants

Recreation center “Voshod”

Sector: recreation Location: Ukraine, Kyiv region, Vyshgorodsky district, Pyrnovo Total land area: 3 ha Total number of houses: 60 units. Infrastructure: well, the base is electrified, local sewage


Breakwater Club

Breakwater Club Sector: recreation, water sports, restaurant Location: Ukraine, Kiev, Trukhanovskaya 40 (near Moscow Bridge) Total land area: 0,5 ha Total area of real estate: Infrastructure: restaurant, sauna complex,  summer playground > Corporate web-site


Hotel “Podolye”

Sector: hotels Location: Ukraine, Khmelnitsky, Shevchenko st, 34 (the hotel is located in the central square) Total land area:  ha Total area of real estate: 11 000 м. кв. Floors: 12 floors Appartments: 131 (including the “luxury” – 8, “semi-suite” – 1, singles – 18, doubles – 104) The hotel capacity: 244 visitors Infrastructure: cafe, bar, gym, laundry, parking, .. read more


Hotel & Tourist Complex “Intourist Zakarpatye” ***

Sector: hotels, tourism, restaurants Location: Ukraine, Uzhgorod (city center, near the railway and bus stations, at the crossroads of international routes) Total land area: 1,3 ha Total area of real estate: 24 333 sq.m. Appartments:  320 (semi-suite – 10, single – 40, double – 270) for 600 vizitors Infrastructure: restaurants, bars, casino, parking, mini-brewery, confectionery shop, .. read more

Инвестиционная группа "ИНЭКО".