“INEKO” Investment and Energy Company

4958d675475bea1169531789fea63bac“INEKO” Investment and Energy Company was founded in 1994 and performing its business activities since 1995. In December 2009 the Company celebrated its 15th anniversary.

The Company today is a professional stock market participant and a stock trader. Its professional activities are licensed by the State Committee of Ukraine on security trade and stock market. The Company performs its own investment activities and provides services to private individuals, legal persons, residents and nonresidents on the stock market of Ukraine.

The Company has licenses to perform professional activities on a stock market – security trade operations:

• Brokerage activities – service for corporate and private clients in the sphere of securities trade – Series АВ # 397387, term of validity 10.2007 – 07.10.2012.
• Dealer activities (own investment activity) – Series АВ # 362366, term of validity 07.10.2007 – 07.10.2012.
• Underwriting activities (services for securities issuers) – Series АВ # 362368, term of validity 07.10.2007 – 07.10.2012.
• Securities management (clients securities and fund management service) – Series АВ # 397387, term of validity 17.05.2008 – 17.05.2013.

The general license to perform foreign currency exchange transactions a/d April 28, 2007 #12 issued by the National Bank of Ukraine, enables the Company to provide securities trade services on the stock market of Ukraine to nonresidents. The in-depth analytical research of the company specialists is a cornerstone for all investment decisions on the stock market.

The Company has the necessary quantity of certified experts and meets the requirements of all license conditions, specified by the market regulators.