Business Incubator

3c36c146532ac441a2678fc188272a78INEKO Investment Group offers an opportunity to build a new model of economic growth based on innovation, new knowledge and progressive technologies. The prospect of national scientific and technological capabilities, creativity and organizational traits of the Ukrainian small-and medium-sized businesses, coupled with a favorable business making possibilities that INEKO Investment Group offers, should become the key to success in building an effective model of development of the Ukrainian economy, restructuring national industry, to reduce the technological gap between Ukraine and the developed world.

INEKO Investment Group offers to dynamic and forward-looking companies experiencing certain difficulties of development in conditions of crisis, to take advantage of favorable and promising form of cooperation based on the investment partnership. With more than 15 years of experience in the market of investment consulting services and implementation of the significant amount of projects, INEKO Company is able to provide an acceptable environment for the development of small and medium business.

To reduce costs and risk of your business INEKO Investment Group offers a comprehensive support for both venture and mature projects, which involves:
• flexible lease system all types of real estate, (offices, trade, manufacturing and warehouse premises, conference rooms and halls);
• attractive conditions for a wide range of equipment (vehicles, production equipment, office furniture, office equipment, communications equipment including providing access to the Internet);
• service support of the buildings and constructions (monitoring utilities and ensuring the smooth functioning of the business incubator);
• competent advice on economic, legal and technological issues (providing the full range of legal services; strategic consulting; marketing; accounting; auditing services, HR outsourcing, patent service,);
• advisory services on establishing contacts and conclusion of deals (marketing products and services; ordering in enterprises; liaising with intermediates);
• assistance in attracting investment resources (assistance in the development and analysis of business plans, justifications for investment and search of investors; business valuation; organization of competitions projects grants; access to bank loans; the procurement of equipment; strategic and financial investors; the use of INEKO investment funds under project financing);
• educational and informational support (business planning, marketing, management, entrepreneurship; provision of specialized software tools; access to scientific and technical information and normative documentation).

Aleksey Oleynikov
+380 44 201 64 17
+380 67 713 65 71