Investment Group “INEKO”

"INEKO" Investment Group was created as a managing company in 2005 aiming to raise management effectiveness of enterprises that included in the INEKO investment portfolio.

Today INEKO activities cover strategic aspects of  investment portfolio management that involves creating its appropriate structure in terms of risks diversification, use of the assets potential to create value added, increase total capitalization of the portfolio as a whole and certain objects particularly.

A highly professional managing link is created in the Company and it allows control over 30 enterprises that conduct business in different spheres such as paint and coating, automobile, hotel, tourism, oil-processing as well as the sphere of commercial real estate. Total capitalization of the assets managed by INEKO Investment Group constitutes over 100 million US Dollars.

The Company shows high effectiveness when working with distressed assets and projects with high risk levels.
There is a department within the structure of the company that is in charge of the Business Incubator main goal of which is to look for promising ideas for mutual investments in venture projects on early stages of business development.

INEKO competitive advantage is based on long term practice in conducting investment business, balanced system of project management, flexibility in decision-making and global net of business contacts.
The matrix scheme of project management allows the Company to embrace the whole spectrum of the enterprises activities, particularly, to deal with strategic, legal, financial and personnel matters as well as ensuring security on objects.

Accumulated practical experience, professional skills, firmness of purpose, creative approach and huge potential of our team all together create the basis for entering new projects as well as managing a clients business.

Being effectively mobile we create an effectively mobile environment!