b00a1c0cParticipation of the INEKO Investment Group in charity projects originates from the period of companys establishment in 1994. For over 15 years we tried not to forget about the social and human responsibility to those who need care and support. Over the years it became clear that the aid is efficient when it is clearly organized and thought out. One-time promotions help to solve private tasks, but not the problem in whole. Official opening of the Charity Fund “Aquarius” in 2004, allowed to make the dream of the introduction of the system and ongoing work on solving the problems of children, elderly, persons with disabilities and all those who need care and attention come true. Management of the Fund is administered by INEKO Investment Group. It is a principled life position of INEKO creators, backed up by knowledge of current responsibility to the society in times of economic instability.

The name of the Fund speaks for itself: Science argues that humanity has entered into a new astrological age of Aquarius (according to the name of zodiac constellation). This era, according to religious scholars and philosophers, should yield to Earth harmony and mutual understanding and destroy evil and injustice. It is in ones hands not to wait for paradise on the Earth, and participate in its creation using thoughts and deeds. It is in our powers to do good together, combining efforts through charitable foundations and organizations.

At this point through the Charity Fund “Era Vodoleya” (Era of Aquarius) work is divided on two projects:
1) social assistance to the most vulnerable people in our society such as children and the elderly (for example, help to ensure the availability of necessary medicines for the child cancer patients that are undergoing treatment in the Department of Gastroenterology of the National Cancer Institute);
2) cultural and educational activities (e.g., assistance in the edition of the book of the national healer M. K. Gladkovoj “Healing knowledge”).

Charitable efforts periodically set towards the support of activities of the rescue services of rehabilitation centers for children, created for the children from crisis families and so-called street children. The latest action was aimed at purchasing bunk beds for children that are living in one of such rehabilitation centers.

The new charity program of the “Orphanage” fund is developing in cooperation with volunteer group “Orphanage” and it aims at the a social support of the children of several children homes and boarding schools of Kyiv, Zhitomir, Chernihiv and Cherkassy areas. Our activity is coordinated with the Ministry of Ukraine for family youth and sports. According to statistical data, almost 70% of graduates of orphanages and boarding schools end up in prisons and correctional colonies because of inadaptability to the normal life. The purpose of this program is not simply pass the funds to children of orphanages, which they lack, but through the communication (visits, games, talks about the choice of profession, birthdays celebrations, picnics) and through the organization of various cognitive and cultural activities (excursions, visits to the theatre and cinema, sporting events), help them to enter modern society, be happy and merited members of society. Many Volunteers meet with students from children homes, not to simply bring them gifts, but also give them a piece of their soul. Believe me, not everyone in our difficult times has enough strength to do so!

In case you are interested in the progress of this program and would like to participate directly in aiding the needs of orphans, you can find more information at
Maybe your participation will help small person to believe that there are not only loneliness and indifference in the world, but also love, care and warmth of the soul!

At this stage of our Charity Fund collects donations for the following projects (more detailed information on projects is available at program “Orphanage”. Direct assistance to the children in children homes in Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, and Cherkasy areas;

Food for the street children in rehabilitation center “Service save the children”- 16500 UAH per month.
If you have a desire to take part in the needs of children and to support financially one of our charity projects, you can transfer funds on the Fund account. Specify the appointment of your transferblagotv

Billing information:
Charity organization – Ccharitable foundation”ERA Vodoleya”
Bank account no. 26000001596401
CJSC Agrokombank  Kyiv
Bank code 322302

Also if you have any suggestions or ideas, if you have a desire to be involved in charitable projects carried out by us, you can email us or call.
We are grateful to all those who cooperate with us and is involved in charity!


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