aba044f3401de41e18d36b2d20e5cb1fDear Sirs!

I thank all, who have visited our corporate web site for an interest shown in INEKO Investment Group. Before you proceed to the acquaintance with the detailed information about our field of activity, interests and opportunities offered, allow me to introduce the company in short.

INEKO Investment Group is a valuable result of my life, which not only allowed me to realize my own potentials and uncover the talents of many employees, but also unquestionably brought an indubitable benefit to the society, and I dare to assert, to the government as well. Our life does not dispose us towards excessive trust and therefore sometimes I fail to convince interlocutor in the fact that a considerable track-record and the INEKO common financial result (the total capitalization of the investment portfolio over 100 million US dollars) was build over a period of more than 15 years and that the first success was brought by an operation of buying and selling of securities to the sum of 300 US dollars.

In 1994 the first company of the INEKO Investment Group was established, which invested considerable funds in energy-producing enterprises. Alongside with the broadening of our business interests new companies were created, that assured the asset management of five common investment funds, securities trade and business management of the companies affiliated in the investment portfolio.

Today INEKO investment portfolio is represented by 30 companies out various sectors of economy, among which: real estate, industry, hotels, recreation and tourism.

We were lucky to become the pioneers of the thorny path of formation of the investment business in Ukraine, survive all the twists and turns of “the era of initial capital accumulation”, significant social and political changes, law reforms, economic crisis and upturn.

Behind our shoulder lie numerous accomplished investment projects, more than hundred successful enterprise buying and selling deals, thousands of operations on the stock market.
High risks of conducting business, together with the significant potential of growth of the Ukrainian economy force us to adopt flexible investment strategy and implement new creative solutions. The development project of business-incubator can serve as an example of such a solution (information on a project is available for acquaintance with on this web site.)

Priceless experience grants us a membership in Ukrainian and International investment communities. We highly value our reputation of the investor and business partner. Fifteen years of successful activity in a business field of common investment, confirm that thousands of stockholders of INEKO investment funds stay with us as our regular customers. During all these years our main goal was care of our stockholders interests and provision of maximum profitability of investments. We hope that the income received helped to strengthen financial welfare of many Ukrainians and survive difficult times.

Today there are more than 150 thousand people among our stockholders, to whom we guarantee stability and return on invested capital. I am proud that the primary mission of the Company is set towards care of investors interests that trusted us the management of their stock and savings, and that is for what I am sincerely grateful to them.

INEKO – is not only business, it is a life style. Our interests go beyond the scope of business purely. The integrated program of aid to boarding schools and children hospitals is launched and working, we are the members of many non-profit charity projects, based on the activity of charitable foundation “Era Vodoleya”. Civilized business can exist only in a civilized country, where there is always a place to compassion and mutual aid.

We have managed to save for the Ukraine heritage, the bright and distinctive cultural phenomenon, namely – the unique collection of western-Ukrainian paintings dated middle of XX century. Nowadays Ukrainian art-lovers are able to see about 300 paintings of brilliant painters – Honored Artists of Ukraine, such as: A. Kashai, A. Kocki, E. Kontratovich, Z. Sholtes, U. Gertz, G. Gluk and many others. I hope that on the INEKO web site one will be able to find a lot of useful and up to date information that will allow to increase ones familys and corporate welfare. I sincerely hope that your next step will be a personal approach of INEKO and the beginning of a mutually beneficial cooperation with us. We are open for various offers, be it your private investment, multimillion deals on enterprise buying and selling or a joint investment project.

Remember: ones financial wealth is always in ones hands and INEKO is a trustworthy assistant during brave initiatives!

I wish the best of luck, wealth and prosperity to all of you!
Sincerely yours,
Denis Kopylov

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