Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

“The only thing in this world that does not change is changes”
John V. Teete


6b92adcd999f355f0989bba1a186bf95Every company as a system dynamically connected with internal world that depends on the changes of the world, faces the necessity to radically change its structure and functions through mergers and purchases, division and separation, transformation (reorganization) or, most frequently, complex changes in functioning principles in order to solve problems of survival or efficiency increase.
The need to make such changes became an everyday occurrence.
Experts of the Investment group of companies INEKO are ready to share their experience and potential meet the requirements of your business in the field of corporate finances, particularly:

Managing of companies value:
• Defining «starting point» – evaluation of current market value of the company;
• Company analysis – defining strengths and weaknesses, search for reserves and possibilities;
• elaboration of the companies development strategy;
• Elaboration of the set of managing decisions aimed at increasing the companies value;
• Evaluation of the new value of the company taking into account the new development strategy,
• Preparation of a long-term plan of the companies market value management.

Preparation, implementation and supervision of:
• Deals on purchase and sale of companies and assets;
• Deals on purchase and sale of large share blocks;
• Deals on mergers and acquisitions (shaping the structure of a deal and a number of interconnected deals chain);
• Management process of purchase and sale of business;
• Arrangements on companies restructuring and reorganization;
• Separation of a companies part into an independent business.

We provide informational, analytical and legal support in the sphere of corporate finances from the first stage till the conclusion of the operation.

Today the group of investment companies INEKO performs corporate management for over 40 investment projects, market value of some of them reached 100 000 000 US Dollars.

We do not talk – we work!

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