Инвестиционная энергетическая компания.

Asset Management Company “INEKO-INVEST”

The closed joint stock company (CJSC) " INEKO-Invest Asset Management Company " ("AMC INEKO-Invest") was founded during the process of readjustment of the CJSC "Central Investment Fund" ("CIF"), registered in Kiev by Goloseyev district public administration on Januray 20, 2004, but that operated on Ukrainian stock market as a professional participant for more than 15 years.

The closed joint stock company "Central Investment Fund" was founded in February, 1994 for duration period of 10 years and have passed the state registration on April 12, 1994 in compliance with the norms of the Presidential Edict #55 a/d 19.02.94 "Edict of investment funds and investment companies". The decision to readjust the closed joint stock company "Central Investment Fund" into an asset management company with further creation of the interval diversified unit investment fund was made on Dcember 5, 2003 during the general meeting of shareholders of the closed joint stock company "Central Investment Fund" due to the end of period of duration of the investment fund.

On March 17, 2004 the closed joint stock company "INEKO-Invest Asset Management Company" reissued its membership in The Ukrainian Association of Investment Business (UAIB) instead of one of its originators, the open joint stock company "INEKO Investment Company".

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“INEKO” Investment and Energy Company

"INEKO" Investment and Energy Company was founded in 1994 and performing its business activities since 1995. In December 2009 the Company celebrated its 15th anniversary.

The Company today is a professional stock market participant and a stock trader. Its professional activities are licensed by the State Committee of Ukraine on security trade and stock market. The Company performs its own investment activities and provides services to private individuals, legal persons, residents and nonresidents on the stock market of Ukraine.

The Company has the necessary quantity of certified experts and meets the requirements of all license conditions, specified by the market regulators.

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Investment Group “INEKO”

"INEKO" Investment Group was created as a managing company in 2005 aiming to raise management effectiveness of enterprises that included in the INEKO investment portfolio.

Today INEKO activities cover strategic aspects of  investment portfolio management that involves creating its appropriate structure in terms of risks diversification, use of the assets potential to create value added, increase total capitalization of the portfolio as a whole and certain objects particularly.

A highly professional managing link is created in the Company and it allows control over 30 enterprises that conduct business in different spheres such as paint and coating, automobile, hotel, tourism, oil-processing as well as the sphere of commercial real estate. Total capitalization of the assets managed by INEKO Investment Group constitutes over 100 million US Dollars.

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blagotvParticipation of the INEKO Investment Group in charity projects originates from the period of companys establishment in 1994. For over 15 years we tried not to forget about the social and human responsibility to those who need care and support. Over the years it became clear that the aid is efficient when it is clearly organized and thought out. One-time promotions help to solve private tasks, but not the problem in whole. Official opening of the Charity Fund “Aquarius” in 2004, allowed to make the dream of the introduction of the system and ongoing work on solving the problems of children, elderly, persons with disabilities and all those who need care and attention come true. Management of the Fund is administered by INEKO Investment Group. It is a principled life position of INEKO creators, backed up by knowledge of current responsibility to the society in times of economic instability.

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