The purpose of INEKO Investment Group manpower policy is ensuring of an optimum balance of renewal and preservation of numerical and qualitative composition of staff in line with the needs of the organization and requirements of the legislation and the situation on the labor market. We manage to tackle one of the major challenges of the HR service, namely ensuring retention of key personnel of the company. Each employee feels high recognition of own contribution to overall success of the company. Together with this, we are always glad to attract new employees wishing to professionally fulfill themselves in the investment business.

We highly value our team spirit, which was created in the company during 15 years, since it allows jointly seek the highest business results. We guarantee every employee maximum realization of their knowledge and skills, support of creative ideas and innovative approaches. Experience and innovation, the basic knowledge and creativity, maturity and youth – all these composite human capacity to give INEKO continuous movement forward and gain competitive advantage.

If you are oriented at achieving both collective and individual goals, actively aiming at achievement of a result and want to make a career in one of the leading investment companies working on Ukrainian market, we suggest trying your potential with INEKO. It is vey important to us that after the acquaintance with the INEKO company you could realize its positive image and have the sincere desire to work in our team.

At this point INEKO Investment Group opens the following vacancies:

There are no vacancies at that moment