Industrial Real Estate

Lviv oil refinery plant (land plot for development)

07319675e8243ceb014941c79dd55eb1Sector: land plot for development / oil refinery
Location: Ukraine, Lviv, Bogdan Khmelnitsky st, 207 (near the railway and bus stations, at the crossroads of international routes)
Total land area: 7,55 ha
Total area of real estate: 8694 sq.m.
Engineering communications: full range of engineering services

Inustrial Complex (Dnepropetrovsk)

b56cf5572e91bbb6ef900b134bdf2b03Sector: industrial real estate / paint business
Location: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk (property is located in the eastern part of Dnepropetrovsk city / industrial zone)
Total land area: 35,388 ha
Total area of real estate: 90957 sq. m.
Engineering communications: object is equipped with a full range of engineering services
Trade Marks: TM DLKZ “TM” Veselka “
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Lakma (real estate for development)

119d42939d3760bef1c67c9f80b176e7Sector: real estate for development / paint business
Location: Ukraine, Kiev, Konoplyanskaya st. 12 (object is located in close proximity to the Trade Complex “Karavan”, between Minsk and Obolon districts)
Total land area: 3.4602 ha
Total area of real estate: 16 761.5 sq. m.
Engineering communications: real estate is equipped with a full range of engineering services
Trademarks: TM “Lakma”
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Neghin Industrial Complex (Neghin Brewery)

b12f99a850d42affe29cea0e6f64364fSector: production of beer and beverages / industrial real estet
Location: Ukraine, Nehin, Sinyakovskaya 79 (800 m from the center of the city)
Total land area: 2.0725 hectares
Total area of real estate: 6,550 sq. m.
The land use form: Lease 49 years
Engineering communications: object is equipped with a full range of engineering services, has its own artesian well depth of 686 m with a debit 25 cubic meter / hour